If you're looking for a gorgeous venue with high beams and a killer dance floor in the Oklahoma City area, The Hall at the Railhouse may be your best bet. Here are some reasons why we love the venue and why you probably will too.

Many Things Are Included

Chiavari chairs, farmhouse tables and food are  provided. Abby Rd. Catering one of the top catering companies in the region and is sure to provide delicious eats for your celebration! 

A Bridal Suite

The Railhouse has a bridal suite so a bride and her maids have plenty of space to get ready for the walk down the aisle. Sip a drink, get hair done and relish in the moment using a space made for it! 


For all day facility rental at The Railhouse (10am to Midnight) + a day-of facility manager for Friday or Saturday, prices start at $2,000.00. Hourly rental may be available Monday - Thursday.

Checkout The Railhouse or book a venue tour, here.

Photo Credit: MAIIGO Photography


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