Sure, wedding cakes are delicious, but what's a couple to do when they want to add a little extra flair to their dessert table? After all, sweet treats are a part of the reception that just about everyone can get on board with. We have some ideas...


Sure, they might still be cake but they're bitesized and you can have a wider variety to accommodate for the different tastes you have in the room. We love the idea of cutting into a mini cake and then having a plethora of cupcakes for guests to choose from. These ones from Fort Gibson Bakery look amaze. 


As self-proclaimed Cookie Monsters, we can't stop drooling over these cookies from I Think So! Cakes. They almost look too good to eat...but we will.  


Macarons + all of their decadent goodness. We'll take 10, please! We recently tried a few at the Woops! location in Penn Square Mall and "wow" is all we have to say.

Will you have a dessert other than cake at your wedding? What are you choosing?


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